Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cody Hollis Wins Jconcepts Winter Indoor Invitational

This past weekend was the Jconcepts Indoor Winter Invitational.  This particular race is run very much like the Reedy Race with both your 2wd & 4wd results combined together for the overall. TLR driver Cody Hollis would drive both his TLR 22 2.0 & 22-4 to victory against some tough competition after the long two days of racing. TLR teammate Taylor Larson would come home with the final podium spot in 3rd. #22empire @horizon_hobby @spektrumrc @jconcepts #TLR

Friday, November 14, 2014

22SCT 2.0 MM Setup from Chris Wheeler

Hello Racers,

Chris Wheeler is a team driver of ours in Phoenix, AZ and has had some great setups lately that many racers are enjoying.  One of the first people to run MM SCT, Chris also got the 22SCT 2.0 quite early as one of our testers and has had a good amount of time to dial his truck in.  His "standard" setup for the 22SCT 2.0 is now on TLRacing.com and at the link below!


Thanks and Race On!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

22-4 Spec Racing Tip!

Hello Racers!

We just received some awesome feedback from our Australian TLR Race Team.   Down under, the stock 4wd class has been very strong and growing, so they've been putting a good amount of time on their 22-4's running stock 17.5T motors.

Straight from the Australian Team:
"One of the biggest improvements, running the "D" rear bearing block forward and reducing the belt tension significantly reduced power system temps."

Although pretty straight forward, we wanted to be sure to share this with you.  Please keep in mind that this is ONLY recommended for stock racing.  If you hear your belt start to skip, be sure to revert to a tighter belt setting.

We this helps you get to the top step of the podium!

Race on!Frank!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Maifield's JC Fall Nats Setup - RC Excitement

Hello Racers,

We've gotten Ryan's latest setup from the JConcepts Fall Indoor Nationals held recently at RC Excitement and added it to the TLRacing site.  The fun track at RC Excitement was more of a medium grip indoor surface compared to OCRC, so Ryan has made a few tweaks to his front end setup, mostly on the shock.  Ryan also ran the new brass MM hinge pin brace, and the -2.5mm chassis.

Check out Ryan's winning setup here - http://www.tlracing.com/ProdInfo/Files/TLR03002-22_2.0_Setup_Ryan_Maifiled_2014-10-30_JC_Race_RCE_Winning_Setup.pdf 

Race On!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Brass MM Hinge Pin Brace, +35g

Hello Racers!

Today, we announced TLR334018, Brass Weight, MM Hinge Pin Brace +35g: 22/2.0/T/SCT.  Please find the direct link here - http://www.tlracing.com/Search/Default.aspx?SearchTerm=TLR334018

Key Features:
    - Precisions CNC Machined for a perfect fit
    - Accommodate both LRC and HRC anti-squat shims.
    - Adds 35g over the stock part in the ideal location, as far back as possible without being behind the diff.
    - Laser Etched for easy identification of weight delta.
    - M2 threaded hole for easy mounting with 22 2.0 and 22SCT 2.0 for secure rear suspension during transmission maintenance.
    - Direct fit replacement will mount to any 22 platform Mid-Motor vehicle without any other parts or modifications required

The TLR Race Team has done extensive testing this year tuning their Mid-Motor 22 2.0’s and 22SCT 2.0’s with brass weight from front to rear.  Of all of the brass weight additions for Mid-Motor that we tested, the addition of the Brass MM Hinge Pin Brace made the largest improvement to the handling and balance on the 22 2.0 and 22SCT 2.0.  It gets 35g of extra ballast as low and as far to the rear of the vehicles as possible without being behind the rear diff (which creates the unwanted pendulum effect).  The has helped to increase the rear weight bias of the 22 2.0 and 22SCT 2.0, which creates more rotation and forward drive, and an all-around better balance.  This setup improvement has helped Dakotah Phend win the 2014 ROAR Nationals with Ryan Maifield winning A3 for a TLR A-Main Sweep!

Machined to be the maximum dimensions to fit the 22 2.0 and 22SCT 2.0 without out interference, the MM Hinge Pin Brace still allows for both LRC and HRC adjustments using all the different anti-squat tuning options.  This Brass MM Hinge Pin Brace will fit the 22, 22 2.0, 22T, 22SCT, and 22SCT 2.0 without any further parts of modifications in Mid-Motor configuration, but will NOT fit any of the 22 vehicles in Rear-Motor configuration.

We hope you enjoy this tuning parts, which should be in stock and shipping by Mid November!

Race On!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

-2.5mm Lightweight 22 2.0 Chassis is here!

Hey Guys,

We've just announced the -2.5mm Lightweight 22 2.0 chassis today on tlracing.com.  http://www.tlracing.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=TLR331014

Please see the details on the new chassis below:

·       -  2.5mm shorter than the stock 22 and 22 2.0 Chassis for improved handling characteristics.
·        - Additional milled pockets help the -2.5mm chassis to be lighter than the stock 22 2.0 chassis, and is 15-17g lighter.
·       -  Milled 2.5mm thick 7075-T6 Aluminum
·        - Hard Anodized for strength and outstanding wear characteristics
·        - A direct replacement fit that will not require any other parts.
·        - Work with both the rear-motor and mid-motor 22 2.0 configurations.

·         The TLR Race Team has done extensive testing over the summer running multiple different lengths of prototype chassis to determine which offers the best performance for the 22 2.0.  Needless to say, the chassis testing resulted in optimal performance from the -2.5mm length prototype, and we have now brought this to market.

The -2.5mm wheelbase helps the 22 2.0 enter the turn a little quicker, rotate quicker and have better drive off the turn, which really improves the overall balance and feel especially in mid-motor.  This setup improvement helped Dakotah Phend win the 2014 ROAR Nationals with Ryan Maifield winning A3 for a TLR A-Main Sweep.

The chassis also keeps the competitive stock racers in mind, having additional pockets milled throughout to lighten the chassis by 15-17g each.  This lighter chassis makes it even easier to get the 22 2.0 down to the ROAR minimum weight, but has shown no signs of being less durable than the stock chassis.

The -2.5mm chassis is a direct fit part that will replace the stock 22 and 22 2.0 chassis with no other modifications required.

The chassis really works great, and it is highly recommended for the 22 and 22 2.0.

Race On!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

22SCT 2.0 - Starting Setups

Hello Racers!

We have had some questions about what setups the team is running on the new 22SCT 2.0 since the trucks have just started shipping, and we are happy to share them with you.

Below, are the setups for mid-motor and rear-motor.  For mid-motor, we've gotten Ryan Maifield's most current setup which lead him to victory at the JConcepts Fall Indoor National.  


For rear-motor, the kit setup is actually exactly what I have been running just about everywhere and is a great place to start.  Some things to try from this are lower ride height, Pink rear springs, and maybe up 2.5wt oil front and rear if the grip is high.


Hope these work well for you and we cannot wait to hear what you think about the 2.0!

Race On!